Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 4, 2013

July 4, 2013...we both had the day off work, so invited Ken's brother, Bob, and his wife, Addie, to take a trip to Sandusky for the afternoon. Here are some layouts of the day...

Kit used:  Stripes and Stars (appropriate for the day), Made by Keuntje

The first image is paying to get onto Johnson's Island in Sandusky Bay, Ohio. The $2 is to drive over the causeway to get onto the island. Here is a photo of the sign by the cemetery. Right now it is starting to rain...figures!

This is Ken looking at some of the grave markers, it is raining softly. There was a building on the property but it was not open, not sure what it is.

Ken and I are already inside the graveyard so I turned and got the first photo of Bob and Addie reading the sign. By now it is pouring rain! Bob and Addie have a large umbrella, we have a small fold up one, but luckily I did grab it when we left.

This is the statue and one of the grave markers with lots of writing on it.

After getting pretty wet, we decided it was time to leave and went to the Ohio Veteran's Home and Museum. The museum was in this old home and was beautiful inside. Huge rooms, high ceilings, doorways about 4 foot taller than normal. They did have a lot of displays. The curator said it was Ohio's best secret, which is a shame, they need more people to go there.

For dinner we went to the New Sandusky Fish Company. The fish and fries were very good. The deep fried onion rings and mushrooms were not so good. Our favorite is still Jolly Rodgers in Port Clinton.

After dinner we went to Toft's Ice Cream for dessert! Yum!!!

Kit used:  Stripes and Stars at, Made by Keuntje


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