Monday, January 12, 2015

Our middle son, Steven

These layouts are done of our middle child, Steven, whom we have not heard from in 18 months (May 2013)...totally his decision...totally do not know why! He will not answer our calls or texts. Not only us, but our oldest son and his family, his grandparents, his aunt and uncle...anyone to do with our family except his younger brother, whom he is now living with.

Steven we do love you and wish you would let us back into your life...or at least let us know what we did! We miss you son!!!

Kit used:  Faith 365: Be the Good by MagsGraphics

This is Steven with Maya, Keith's fur baby. 
She is a sweetheart!

Steven was always know as the "stubborn" one in the family. Grandma B. used to laugh at him when he would cross his arms and pout! He never had tantrums, but he sure could pout! We love you Steven!

This is a picture of Steven, I think in California. He wasn't talking to us then so I am not sure where he is.


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