Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mr. Elf

Grandma (that's me) found a cute pattern online to crochet an Elf (Elf on a Shelf) for our little grandson. If you know the Elf on a Shelf theory, you are supposed to hide him until he arrives on Dec. 1 (or the day after Thanksgiving) and then he leaves on Dec. 24. The Elf, whom you should name, "watches" over little boys and little girls and reports back to Santa. Moms and dads move the Elf every day into a different position or doing a "naughty" or "nice" task. Children are not supposed to touch the Elf.

So...I was not sure if the new mom or dad wanted to do this, so I went ahead and made Mr. Elf.  If they wanted to do this, great, but it is a big task to do every day for a month and then every year for who knows how long!  If not, our grandson could just play with him.

Here are my layouts...I think they choose the later option.

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