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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Shenandoah Mountains, Oct. 2014

We went to go visit our son, our DIL, Rayna, and our grandson, Mikhail, in October 2014. While there we took a road trip up to the Shenandoah Mountains, to a restaurant, for lunch. Poor grandpa was not feeling too well because he sat in the backseat (he is not a backseat rider especially in the windy, up and down, roads on the mountain side).

While there we took a couple of photos that I think came out really well.  

I used a kit called Autumn Bonfires, which is a collab kit (a bunch of designers get together and make a huge kit). It is from the Scrappin' Your Heart Out Blog Train. Yup, both of these layouts are from the same kit.


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