Thursday, November 27, 2014

Niagara Falls, NY

We went to Niagara Falls, NY to visit my dad in mid November. NF is back home for Ken and I. Keith and the other two boys grew up going to visit grandmas and grandpas there.

We went down to the falls, it was 30 degrees outside, so was pretty cold, especially at the falls with all the mist. Everything was frozen, was difficult to walk on the ice.

Here are two layouts I created using Sparkle by TSSA, Jodi Watson.  I also used two templates by Brenian Designs

The first one is of Keith, check out that paper behind him, I think it looks like the falls!

This is of the three of us, Kathy, Ken, Keith. A local came down to the falls with his son (at least we thought it was his son). He asked if he could take our here it is. You can see everything iced over in the top photo.

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