Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Free Classic Happy Planner Quick Pages

My sister, Jenny, who is one of the most courageous women I know! Dec 2017/Jan 2018.

Early Bloom has some pretty spring colors in it...the yellows, purples and greens sure remind me that spring is coming! This kit is by Aimee Harrison Designs.

You can use these for any week of the year...use multiple times, but only use for your own personal use. Send people here to my blog if they wish to download and use. Add in your month and dates on the top of the page, if you wish. Print them out, cut, hole punch and put in your planner. Or print them out on sticker paper and cut, peel and stick into your planner. Decorate more if you wish, use month/date stickers on the top. Instructions and TOU are inside and on the quick pages.

Click on the image to download. This download is through MediFire. 

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