Monday, January 1, 2018

Christmas and Winter layouts / March & April's lined calendar freebies

Some Christmas and Winter layouts I have recently completed:
The grandkids and Blitz out having fun in the snow. December 2017
Free template

Our son’s first house, putting up their first tree, and my hubby announcing “the first ornament of Christmas” (Polar Express). December 2017
Kit used: Country Christmas by MagsGraphics
Free template

Surrena goes to see Santa Claus, December 2017.
Template used:  A Simple Life by TSSA

Here is another freebie of Classic Happy Planner pages using March Aquamarine and April Diamond by Aimee Harrison Designs. One page is the month of March, the other page the month of April.

The objective of these pages will be to record something on that days date. Could be anything, something special that happened that day or maybe that you just stayed home because it was cold and rainy outside.  I did one of these calendars this past year and actually kept up with it. Okay, so sometimes I had to go back a few days and fill something in, but all and all it was easy to keep up with. It was fun...and I hope you enjoy these pages throughout 2018.

Here are the second two months of the year. Oh, one thing I did do is put the day of the week (M,T,W,T,F,S,S) along with the date.  It helped me keep track better with the initial of the day of the week next to the date.

If you print these out, you will need to print January on it's own page and then February/March back to back (because of where the holes are placed). Or you can do like one smart lady did and print them on sticker paper and place over the page in your planner. I will try to keep these coming so you have the whole year in plenty of time!

Happy New Year!

Click on the image to download. This download is through MediFire.

Keep scrolling down to find more of these freebies!

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