Monday, December 25, 2017

Mikhail goes up to Santa! Free CHP calendar pages.

Mikhail went up to Santa this year, a first this year, yeah little boy! Tessa did not, oh well, she is still little and there is always next year! December 2017.

Here is another freebie of Classic Happy Planner pages using January Garnet and February Amethyst by Aimee Harrison Designs. One side is the month of January, the other side the month of February.

The objective of these pages will be to record something on that days date. Could be anything, something special that happened that day or maybe that you just stayed home because it was cold and rainy outside. I did one of these calendars this past year and actually kept up with it. Yeah, sometimes I had to go back a few days and fill something in, but all and all it was easy to keep up with. It was fun...and I hope you enjoy these pages throughout 2018.

So, I am starting you out with two months and will post more as I make them for the rest of the year. Oh, one thing I did do is put the day of the week (M,T,W,T,F,S,S) along with the date.  It helped me keep track better with the initial of the day of the week next to the date. Let me know if you like this or not. This makes this set of calendars only good for 2018 though. Maybe after this year I will go back and take the letters off so this will be perpetual...good for any year.

Merry Christmas and wishes for a Happy New Year!

Click on the image to download. This download is through MediFire. 

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