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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Wedding layouts still coming

We are awaiting the arrival of our grandson...but as my son keeps texting/emailing/telling me...No baby yet!  LOL

We were planning on leaving on this Wednesday to go visit them and see the baby, but plans might be changing soon.  Time will tell!  We keep telling the kids that he will arrive when he is ready and that Rayna's and the baby's health is the most important thing right now.

Okay...what I have been doing most of the day (okay and yesterday...I did the wedding layouts yesterday any how!)

Wedding layouts...yes more of Timothy and Rayna, got to get these done soon!  The kit I used for these four is called "Days of Blue" created by Jodi Watson, Throwing Some Scraps Around (TSSA), and can be found at Here is a preview of the kit (click on image to go to kit in store):

Here are my layouts...the first one is Rayna's family, the second one is Rayna and Timothy.

Little story here...Rayna threw the bouquet and it hit the ceiling and just kinda plopped on the floor. The girls all just stood there and looked at it like it was going to jump up and bite them. It was funny. So...Rayna walked over, picked up the bouquet, went back to her spot and threw it again.  And we have a winner!


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