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Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Kit starting at SKC...Join us!

I just found out that we all can edit our Reaction words on the bottom of each of our posts here on blogger. Pretty cool!  Now you just have to check off the box to Thank me for something I am giving out, tell me you Love it or beg for more!  LOL  Let's see if these get used!

Scrap Kit Challenge is doing a brand new kit starting October 1.  The kit is called "All Hallows' Eve" (Halloween, October 31, world-wide)

Let's have some fun with this theme...which could be scary (ooooo) or cute (yeahhhh). Let's go trick-or-treating or to a fun party with costumes on! How about carving out a Jack-O-Lantern with funny faces? Or a nice warm bon fire on a cool evening...telling ghost stories! Have you ever bobbed for apples? We can even add in some leaves or fall items because it's that time of the year!  Halloween is also a  religious observance which includes praying, fasting and attending vigils or church services (Reformation Day). Wow...lot's of ways to go with this one! Let's see what we all come up with. Have fun!

Parts are due every other weekend (Saturday/Sunday):
PART 1 papers due October 13-14
PART 2, fasteners/notions/frames, due: October 27-28
PART 3, embellishments, due: November 10-11
PART 4, quick pages/cards/paper items, everything due: November 24-25

Please post each part you make any time BEFORE or ON the due date above. So, if you make papers, post on the PART 1 link, on facebook, which will be two columns wide.  I will try to have these posted every two weeks...but I am only human too!

Please include a preview and a TOU (Terms of Use) in each part of your kit you post for downloads. We assume that all kit pieces are for PERSONAL USE only, unless otherwise stated in your TOU.

There are a lot of "helps" posted in the NOTES section of our facebook page. Check them out.

Note:  We are very lenient on posting items, so if you miss papers and want to post them, post in what ever week we are currently working on.  We would love for you to participate!  Our current kit will have posts spanning the whole page on facebook, instead of half of the page.  This post is tagged to be always at the top until this kit is complete at the end of November. Please do not post your links on this post.

Most of all have fun and enjoy the kit we are creating together!

Here is our color palette...please join us in creating this kit! The color palette was not created by me, there is a web address on the bottom right corner of it.


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