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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Keith graduates Basic Training soon

My son, Keith, will be graduating Basic Training this coming Friday, August 31. He will be "coined" on Thursday, August 30, which I have been told is a very impressive ceremony. Before the coining ceremony, the first time we will see him is at the Airman's Run, where the flights, in their colored shirts, will run by all of us watching. Go Wolfpack! His flight color is black. 

I will get the honor of "tapping" him out at the coining ceremony, his dad will tap him out at the graduation ceremony. Tapping out means that we will have to find him, among many others who will all look alike, and tap his shoulder or give him a hug (he is getting a hug!) so he can relax and leave with us. We will be taking pictures!

I made two tags, that I shared with the flight. The wolf images are from Michelle of CrafyScraps and are for commercial use, so I can share them legally.  Thanks Michelle, they are wonderful!

Off to San Antonio, Texas, real soon!  We are very proud of you son!

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