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Friday, May 15, 2009

Don't use these products....

If you are a digi scrapper and want good quality products then I advise you to NOT use anything from RESALE CLIPART!

I have purchased EIGHT kits from them with the intent to resell them (because they do allow that) but the quality of the images is NOT good. Most of them are only at 72 dpi (some are 200, but very scattered through out the kits I purchased).

You do need to watch because these items can be resold in other stores but they MUST say they are from Resale Clipart in the previews, according to their terms.

Yes, I have contacted them two or three times within the past two weeks and given them a file by file report of what I have found and no one has returned my emails. So, I feel I have no choice than to write and post this on my blog. I am considering posting this in the Yahoo Groups too...but have not done so yet. LOL

Update: 6/6, well I did post this in a few Yahoo Groups and the owner of ResaleClipart did see it and has banned me from her store and threatened me.

Why can't people just be honest and do what is right? I did not want to do this but on the other hand don't want others to purchase inferior products and not be able to use them. And the thing is MANY digi stores are selling these items under different designers names. So watch previews of these products in other stores.

So here is the breakdown of the eight kits. There are a total of 72 graphics in these eight kits. 56 of them are at 72 dpi, 15 of them are at 200 dpi, and 3 of them are at 300 dpi (300 is industry standard).

BTW: Her comment to me in her last email and I quote:
DO NOT CONTACT ME I am selling my clipart AS IS you purchased older sets my current stuff is 300 DPI and we DO NOT advertise our stuff as PERFECT For srapbookers you are absolutely getting on my nerves"

So, in her own words her stuff is not perfect for scrapbookers. Okay, now we know! Thank you!


kiere0222 said...

Gee...then why doesn't she just update her prior inventory to the industry standard. What a bunch of crap from this woman!! I looked at her site and I really do not see anything special there at all. Nothing I would EVER purchase...LOL!

Kathy said...

I don't know Kiere...I tried to contact her for a month and she would not respond to me. I sent an email via Yahoo Groups...she saw that and immediately banned me. Wow! I sent her an email again explaining things, she sent me another email saying to not contact her...she does not even want to listen!! She won't get very far in this industry that way!

Anonymous said...

Check the other clip-art sites. They are the same way. Just a quick glance found Karen's Whimsical's had clip-art at 150dpi. Not everything is up to 'current standards'. The reason for this is that much of the 'old' clip art is just that - old. Vintage Valentines, for example, were made originally in a time when dpi did not occur or matter.

I am very sorry you are having a hard time with this person, but, she has done nothing wrong. In fact, if you have been following this site, you'd know that she is going through a life-altering time. She has even been trying to sell the site.

I understand that you paid for and received some material that does not work well in scrapbook design, but, as she stated, they are not guaranteed to work in this way. They may advertise it, but, they do not 'guarantee' it. Chalk it up to experience, my friend. Now, we know.

Kathy said...

I am sorry is she is having problems, I contacted her three times, three different ways, and she totally ignored me. All I wanted was an answer, none was given. She had reassured me that all items were "supposed" to be 300 dpi, so I purchased in good faith. Again, honesty! I do not know this gal, so was not following her site, and won't be in the future...after all she banned me from all her sites!