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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

365 pic a day project challenge

Okay, if you haven't started's still not too fact you can begin at any time! Just make your 365 days begin when you begin! EASY!!

Here is another site that has a spot for the 365 Project (as most are calling it). If you join you will get a FREE kit available through this what are you waiting for...oh, yeah, the you go:
DigiScrap101, join first, then go to Groups and join the Project 365 group.

One of the gals, Crystal, posted this and I thought it was wonderful so am posting here on my blog with credit to her for writing it...

If you're like me, & you happen to miss a day here & there, here's some ideas for you...

- Use that day to record something you're grateful for
- Download a photo off of Flickr that caught your eye & write what you like about it
- Use that space for "eye candy" & put some pretty paper or an embellishment there
- Insert a favorite quote, scripture or a "thought for the week"
- Use a picture from the past & write a memory about it
- You don't HAVE to put a picture in every spot, so whatever you do, don't stress about it or give up on the challenge. Be creative & have fun! Remember this is a way to "simplify" scrapbooking in a meaningful way.

One last thought...

If you keep up on this project throughout the year and only take and document 15-20 photos/month, do you think you'll look back and be disappointed? Heck no!! You'll be so glad that you didn't give up & you'll still have a year's worth of memories recorded...woohoo! So, go ahead, call it the "225 Challenge" if you want, but make it meaningful for YOU!

Thank you Crystal for some insightful thoughts...

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Snowsmoon said...

WOw, she had some great points. Now I am off to see you layout you were talking about. Thankyou for the information.