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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ScrapKitChallenge (or SKC for short) is a group that my friend, Dawn, and I have been doing for just over a year now. It was private, in the respect that you had to join a Yahoo Group and get a password to get into the web site.

This group is to learn how to make a kit yourself. You don't have to make a huge kit, just a couple pieces of paper in week one, some elements in week two, and some more elements in week three. Week four is for catching up, if you need to, or take it off and relax. A theme and a color palette will be posted on the site for all to follow. The color palette is mandatory to follow, the theme is not. You do not have to participate in any month you do not want to.

The group was 300 members, which was getting too large for us to handle the way it was run. We (or I, the last few months, because Dawn has gone back to school) were checking EVERY single item people sent in before it went into our freebie kit. I was then rezipping and uploading all these files to a server so then everyone could download them. I was also posting everything to a web site, which I had to make every month. Notice all the WAS' here! That is no longer going to happen, it takes too much time that I just don't seem to have any more.

So...ScrapKitChallenge is going more private group where you have to join to participate. The only place you have to sign up (create a log in) is in our forum HERE! Please check out the Guidelines post first! Everything (hopefully) is explained in our forum...and if you have any questions, please post them in the Questions and Chat part of the forum (to keep them all together).

We have a wonderful set up in our forum and everything should be self explainatory. We have a WEEK BY WEEK HELPS section where you can find all kinds of help in creating the items wanted for that week. And if you can't find something there look in the TUTORIALS section. Or...if you find a great tutorial and it's not in our forum, by all means add a post and tell us about it. We like to have posts by members, so join in the fun.

So, stop by and INTRODUCE yourself in that section, add your blog link in the MY SITE section, check out or add any sites you know of in the COMMERICAL USE LINKS section or post those freebie sites in the FREEBIE LINKS section.

You do have to be a MEMBER to be able to post in our go HERE and sign in today. It's all FREE.

January's kit information will be posted soon for all to begin work on. Look in the SKC MONTHLY KIT LINKS 2009 section for January's information....coming soon!

And then start watching for all those FREE kit pieces to download after January 9...and they will be constant! Like every week, if not every day, as people post them in our forum! Woo Hoooo!!!

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