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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sketchs 1 & 2

On the DigiScrapStation blog we have a Thursday Template (or sketch) for you.

For the next couple of months my sketches will be featured there and I will follow along posting them here. They will be posted on Thursdays. However this week two were posted, one on Saturday and one today.

Here is the first sketch. Both were made for 8.5x11 size layouts, but you can make them 8x10 or even adapt them to 12x12.

Here is sketch #2, again an 8x5x11 sketch but you can use it for whatever size you want to.

Sketches are used for inspiration in creating a layout. You can change or decorate them any way you want to. You can turn the sketch on it's side or even upside down and do it that way. Be creative and have fun!

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