Saturday, April 19, 2008

Been awhile

Wow, it has been awhile again, I am sorry, but here to make it up to you all!

My husband and I were diagnosed with pneumonia, Monday the 14th, after I went into the doctor for a chest we have been pretty sick. It all started the previous Tuesday (8th) when he ended up in bed for two days because of chills/sweats, lightheadness, you know all the good stuff! NOT!! I woke up that same day with a very deep, deep cough that just would not go sore throat, which was weird because of all the coughing. By Thursday I was on the phone with the doc (had just
been in the week before for a normal check up) where they called in an antibiotic for me, and DH was in the office and was told to take over the counter stuff. After they diagnosed me they started treating us with a different antibiotic that is taking is sweet time to work. But we are both on the mend. And poor DH is not itching on his arms and legs which has to be from the antibiotic...just one more day honey!

Unfortunately my youngest, 15, woke up Wednesday morning with all the same symptoms, so he started on the same drug to only have it give him upset stomachs. Today he starts a different one so hopefully he will feel better too. Poor baby was off
school three days, and the only three days the whole school year!

So, my 18-year old, thinks we are all taboo and doesn't want to come near any of us, don't blame him, LOL. He is working on perfect attendance for his four years of high school! So let's all say a prayer for him that he (nor anyone else) gets this!!

At we are just finishing up our kits for April, called "Newborn
Wonder" ...yes, a baby kit and the girls have done a wonderful job with this one!! It will go up to the public on May 1, so watch for it here or just stop by our web site (which I do and am co-owner with Dawn Mills, Snowsmoon Designs) on May 1 to download all the wonderful kits the gals have made...for one big huge mega kit!!!

I chose the colors blue (for boys, and my oldest son's favorite), yellow (my youngest
son's favorite color) and orange (my middle son's favorite) for my color choices for "Newborn Wonder." My favorite color is green so I did a separate kit, which I will sell here, with another 30 pieces to add to the free kit of 62 pieces. Wow...see how it all adds up...and just think of all the pieces that will be released on May 1 from at least 20 more gals.

Check out my blinkie on the left of my blog to go to SKC and see the QP sets we have made up to help support the site. March's Mother Earth set is now posted with a 25 QPs set, size 8x8, and a 25 Card Front page set (includes instructions). Both sets run $2.50 each.

Newborn Wonder...this set has 62 items in it, all in blue, orange and yellow.

DOWNLOADS, Sorry expired

If you create a layout with this please send it to me to post here. I hope you enjoy this kit. You can leave comments right here on my blog. Thanks!

I have also been working on some ABC Run papers with all the alphas in the upper left hand corner for and have finally completed them. If you have not seen her ABC series go check it out now...there are several other gals contributing to the kit also. DigiTreats is creating items for Skip/Run/Jump and posting them for free for a week or so then putting them up for sale on her blog. So...everything is still available.

My free ABC Run papers for are here:

Downloads: File 1 ~~ File 2

See told ya I'd take care of you...

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