Thursday, December 13, 2007

Making Cookies

Don't forget to visit to get your FREE kit "A Wintery Christmas" available for the month of December only! Then it will be gone! New this month is a downloadable digital Quick Page set (35 QPs) for only $2.50.

Here are a couple of layouts I did with two of my friends kits. All of the layouts are of us baking cookies a few nights ago. My husband had me email the first two pages to my niece and son, who live out of town, to let them see them enjoying the first batch of cookies that are favorites. Nice guy huh? LOL But they better hurry up and get here, they are almost through the second batch!! I am posting the recipe below for those who may like to try these out...they are a no bake cookie (and do not have oats in them).

I used Linda Walton's "Be 'Clause It's Christmas" kit from 3Scrapateers, for "Daddy's Cookies."

My husband doesn't really drink from the milk carton...LOL, he was doing it as a joke because my oldest son LOVES his milk! He goes to college in Virginia where the milk is about $1 more per gallon than here in Ohio.

This next layout my poor husband had to sneak in the camera and take his life in his own hands to get a photo of our middle son, Steven. He does not like his picture taken, teenagers!!!! Steven and I are making Kris Kringle cookies the same time the other two were making the no bake cookies.

The kit used is called "I Believe" and is created by Dawn Mills and can be found at Digital Scrap Garden.

Recipe for "Daddy's Cookies" which we dubbed these years ago (my oldest is 22) because these are my husbands favorites. I am not sure where the recipe originated, it came from my mother-in-law. She is now in heaven with her husband and heavenly father.

1-24 oz. box of corn flakes (any brand, we use the off brand for these cookies), crushed fine
2 cans (12 oz.) peanuts, break them apart as best as you can
56 ozs. Hershey milk chocolate bars

Crush the corn flakes and mix with peanuts in a very large bowl.
Heat the broken up chocolate bars over a medium low heat setting in a large pan on the stove. Stir constantly to avoid burning the chocolate.
When completely melted pour over the corn flakes and peanuts. Mix well.
Cover cookie sheets with wax paper. Using a cookie scoop or large spoons, spoon out mixture onto wax paper. You can put the cookies close together but not touching.
Let cool until hardened (if you can, put them in a cold place, we use the our attached garage). Store in covered container.

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