Monday, September 10, 2007

New pets

My youngest son decided he wanted some critters of his own. We visited the pet store Labor Day weekend and they had these two gerbils in a glass cage with miscellaneous items for "adoption." Some college students had brought the gerbils back to the pet store because they no longer wanted them. The store could not technically resell them so put them up for adoption. We did have to pay a little to get them though...but not near the cost of the critters and all the stuff.

Our fur baby, Honey, is checking out the two new babies of the family. She keeps trying to nip at the glass to get them. She is so funny! She was nose to nose with one of them in the cage but I didn't get that shot.

The gerbils are two totally different colors and we are hoping they are the same sex. I actually pasted the black and white one in this image so we can see both of them.

The digital kit I used for both of these layouts is called Nuts About You by Maddie Fernandez at Digitals. The font I used is called PC Playful.

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