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Monday, August 20, 2007

Wow...10 days

It's been 10 days since my last post! My only excuse it that is has been fair time! The Pemberville Fair was last Wednesday through Saturday. Even though I am not on fair board this year, it is still a very busy time. The boys are on junior fair board and were very very busy.

We were really blessed with the weather this rained Thursday evening for a short period of time and sprinkled on and off on Saturday night. We had lots of people and it was nice and cool on Friday and Saturday. In the evenings most were wearing sweatshirts and August!!!

Our concert, Friday night, featuring Peder Eide, a Christian singer, was AWESOME. Check out his web I couldn't believe the number of people who showed up, stayed, and participated in the show. He likes audience participation! It was really neat! Our church sponsored him along with the fair board.

For the past two days it has been raining a LOT! We have flood warnings out "until further notice." Have never seen that worded like that before.
Our critical time is 24 hours after the storms go through...but these rains are pretty continuous. Time will tell. We may be sand bagging by the end of this week, in our downtown area, again. Note, our downtown area is about two blocks, but the river (okay creek normally) is behind our downtown area and residents pitch in and sand bag when the waters get up too high. This has happened twice in the last 10 years...and they called them both 50-year floods. The last time the water was up about 4 feet...yes, sand bags about a block long, four feet tall...and pumps running 24 hours a day trying to keep the water at bay. Our forecast doesn't look good for the next week. Scattered showers all week long. The poor farmers have been hurting for rain since mid June and now we are really getting socked!!

Okay, within the next week, I hope to make up some freebies and post them here. Watch for them. I hope you all have a great week. Also watch for some new layouts coming. And if you used any of my kits for a layout, send me a link or jpg of the layout to (jpg should be 72 dpi and no more than 125K please)

I did get some layouts done for my middle son, Steven's, eagle scout book. We will be having his eagle scout court of honor in October. Wooo Hooo! Here they are...and yes, I do have a 2003 layout that was posted earlier.

The first, third and fourth layouts were done with a Boy Scout kit I found at, by Catharina Oelting. It is a foreign site and I cannot read the TOU. The only problem I had with the kit is that three of the papers are identical to a paper Boy Scout kit I purchased at the store...strange!

The above kit was done with Natural Instincts by Michelle Powell at Divine Digital. Very pretty kit with lots of green trees and natural items.

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