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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New layouts

Here are two layouts I did with Maddy Fernandez' kit Calico Farm. We took my 5-year old niece to the African Safari Wildlife Park for her birthday, along with her brother and my DHs brother and wife. Ken and I were in the front seats of the van so had the windows down.

The animals would come check out the vehicle to see what food you had. The park gives each vehicle a very large cup of food. We also brought along a bag of the small carrots which the animals loved.

In the photos below the large animals, with very long horns, were basically coming right into Ken's window.
They would move slowly, but still with those big horns we thought they'd hit the van or scratch it. They did hit it but gently. When they came up on my side, I closed the window. Yes, I am a chicken!!

Voting is over for my Garage Sale Days kit. Don't know if I will be going on, but doubt it. Got two votes compared to the top person with 20 some votes. I am going to make some more to go with the kit, so watch here for some freebies.

BTW...that bottom image that looks like a heart beat, is actually a photo of our garage door with some filters applied to it. I think it came out neat and would love to see it used. Email me a link to your layouts!!

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