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Monday, July 16, 2007

More on Cro-hooking / Link to Free quick pages

Here is a photo of my 21 year old son with our fur-baby, Honey. He loves to pick her up and she doesn't like it and wants back down. She weighs about 40 pounds. The below quick page, created by me, will be given out this week at Maddy's blog...go and pick it up, along with many others. LINKS EXPIRED

Here is a layout with the cro-hook on it.

It says:
My grandmother taught me how to cro-hook when I was a teenage girl. We made several afghans and I have since used the technique to make prayer shawls. See the instructions I posted on my prayer shawl blog as a pdf file you can download.

My grandfather took a wooden dowel (3/8”) and made us hooks. Mine is 18” long. I have a second one that is about 22” long. The hook made by him is on the top (below). The two steel hooks inside the package are sizes I and K and are still smaller than the one he made. I think his would be about a size P. The larger hooks makes a softer shawl.

Kit used for layouts is Dragonfly Garden by Maddy Fernandez.

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